Laurier Students, Alumni & Faculty

Hi there! My name is Roland.

I’m a music student at Laurier.

This is how we can help each other.

The Proposition

You need a top-notch website for a bottom-shelf price.

We’re building our portfolio and also want to help the Laurier homies.

This is where our interests align.

If you’re a Laurier student, alumni or faculty member from any Faculty, we’re offering to build 50 websites by donation. That’s a one-time donation of any amount that you can afford, which includes lifetime hosting and no regular, ongoing payments. First come, first serve.

If you already have a website, you still qualify if you transfer to us. Re-design is optional, your choice.

How much is a donation?

Whatever you can afford. Whether that’s $0 or $1 000 000, we have your back. If you’re unable to donate, please still sign up. Money isn’t our motivation in this and we want to help you out.

If you are able to donate, a donation of $50 – $150 would be greatly appreciated as we get this rolling. That’s the cost of a one year Squarespace subscription and you’re getting a lifetime website with no ongoing costs.

Claim your spot now, even if you don’t think you’re ‘ready’. We won’t be able to offer this forever. We can set up something temporary to get you started and update it in the future.

How it works

You register your domain.

You create some content and fill out our Welcome Form.

We design, develop and host your website for free, for life.*

We support your website with ongoing security updates and maintenance.

Content updates in the future will be available for a $15 price.

* We will uphold this commitment for so long as we remain in business. You will receive a minimum of a 120-day notice if The Lemonade Stand Kid should intend to cease operations.

Ready to learn more?


You can reach Roland directly at!